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Automate Your Cybersecurity.

Reduce noise and alert overload by 89% with security automation from
ReliaQuest GreyMatter.

Analyzing Big Data is a Big Task

ReliaQuest GreyMatter is the first unified threat detection, investigation and response platform–unifying security operations workflow from visibility through resilience. Embedding the power of automation at every step of the cyber response lifecycle, GreyMatter can address many of the pains associated with the security operations process today–including that of analysts stuck as data miners instead of security analysts. That means more time for your security operations team to focus on other things like improving defenses and optimizing response protocols. As a SaaS-based platform, there’s no additional management overhead for your team, in fact we’ll manage the integration and tooling of your existing tech stack, delivering greater visibility, reduced complexity, and reducing the risk of cyber threats. 

Less Time on False Positives, More Time on True Impact

When we say that GreyMatter automates across your entire cyber response lifecycle, we mean from the investigation process to the resolution of detected malware and security breaches. With GreyMatter Intelligent Analysis, automate the entire investigation lifecycle and get to the answers on alerts within 20 minutes or less. Next, GreyMatter uses that data to proactively hunt through your environment for related threats and recommends remediation strategies.

Optimize With Machine Learning

Machine learning technology also helps GreyMatter cut down on time spent hunting down threats with little impact to your network’s performance. Adapting to your environment’s specific needs means that problem areas are identified more quickly, and response and threat isolation occurs at a faster pace.

You Don’t Need More Tools, You Need the Ones You Have to Work Better

Rather than replacing the security tools that you’ve already invested in, GreyMatter integrates them, making them even more efficient and powerful in their functionality. By curating integration across your existing security tools, GreyMatter helps you realize greater value–and greater impact–to enhance tool efficacy, make life better for your team, and give you good news to take to leadership.

Why Companies Choose ReliaQuest GreyMatter: