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The ReliaQuest GreyMatter Security Operations Platform

ReliaQuest GreyMatter is a security operations platform built on an Open XDR architecture. We designed GreyMatter to help security teams increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk across their security tools, regardless of environment—including on-premises, clouds, networks, and endpoints.

Security Operations Platform Overview

Driving the Right Security Outcomes

GreyMatter platform connecting security technologies
Security is complex. The GreyMatter platform makes security simple for advanced threat analysts and new analysts alike.

– Gopal Padinjaruveetil

CISO, Auto Club Group

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400 %

Improvement in Threat Detection
in the First 90 Days

Increase visibility with a single UI to detect, investigate, and respond to threats and measure security operations performance.

12 x

Increase in Visibility Accelerating
Threat Detection and Response

Reduce complexity by better leveraging existing tools with a unified workflow.

35 %

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
Due to Operating More Efficiently

Manage risk with superior threat coverage and faster response across your security ecosystem.

Security Operations Platform Capabilities

ReliaQuest GreyMatter: A Force-Multiplier For Your Security Operations

GreyMatter provides a comprehensive security operations platform and expertise that streamlines workflows so you can make informed decisions, reduce alert fatigue, and drive proactive security operations.

Enable Communications Across Security Tools

GreyMatter Universal Translator

Security-relevant telemetry lives across many tools and in many formats. Manually normalizing data, learning query languages for each tool, and keeping up with newer tools is slowing your team. The Universal Translator, a patented technology, is a data-normalization engine that helps security operations teams get better visibility across your toolset.

  • Convert diverse data types from tools in your technology stack into a normalized format to facilitate search and enrichment.
  • Run queries at scale across your diverse portfolio of security tools and log sources.

The Universal Translator gives you the optionality to use the best security tools while eliminating the need for your team to develop and maintain expertise in many individual security tools.

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Detect Threats Across Your Attack Surface

GreyMatter Detect

Security teams struggle to keep threat detections up to date across a diverse attack surface. GreyMatter Detect, a cloud-based threat detection library, manages and translates detections across tools including one or multiple SIEMs, EDRs, clouds, and other technologies.

  • Deploy detections using a centrally managed library across your existing security tool portfolio in minutes.
  • Run high-fidelity “detection as code” consistently across multiple technologies and tune it to individual environments.

GreyMatter Detect helps you locate threats faster, more consistently, and more accurately across your diverse attack surface without the pain of building detections for individual tools.

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Automatically Enrich Investigations with Threat Intel and Context

Data Stitching

Threat investigations require data from both your portfolio of security tools and external threat feeds. Manual collection of incident artifacts and threat intelligence is time-consuming and can result in inconsistent and incomplete investigations. Data-stitching capabilities within GreyMatter streamline investigations by removing the high-time, low-brain processes of security operations.

  • Extract context from security telemetry and relevant threat intelligence without ingesting data in a central location.
  • Apply a consistent and comprehensive cyber analysis methodology to prevent investigative gaps and accelerate investigations.

Reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR) for incidents and free your team to work on higher-priority projects.

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Automate Response Actions Across Tools at Scale

Bi-directional Integrations

Running response actions manually through a broad set of tools hinders rapid response. GreyMatter provides bi-directional API integrations to facilitate response actions across tools.

  • Integrate with a fast-growing number of technologies including SIEMs, EDRs, firewalls, identity, email security, and cloud platforms.
  • Deploy configurable remediation playbooks that automate response actions through existing security technologies.

Accelerate threat response while sparing your analysts from the pain of executing individual response actions in individual tools.

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Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

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ReliaQuest GreyMatter Unifies and Automates Security Operations Workflows

ReliaQuest GreyMatter Security Operations Platform for Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response
  • Tuned detections that deliver high-fidelity alerts, automation that speed investigations, and playbooks to streamline response
  • Transparent investigations in which your team can participate
  • Optimal use of your investments across SIEM, endpoint, network, cloud, and on-premises technologies
  • Holistic metrics across detection, investigation, and response workflows
Alternative Approaches to Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response
  • Detections that lack fidelity, which can result in high volumes of false-positive and duplicate alerts
  • “Black box” approach that hinders your team’s ability to understand and participate in investigations
  • Endpoint detection and response–centric approach that struggles to leverage heterogeneous security investments
  • Tool-centric reporting
Customer Success

Industry Leaders Trust
ReliaQuest GreyMatter
to Achieve Their Security Goals

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The integration between ReliaQuest GreyMatter and our security tools has become a force multiplier for the team. ReliaQuest uses a risk-based approach and the MITRE framework, driving our implementation of detections and automations, which provides the most value for our overall security Carl Lee Information Security Lead, APi Group
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Using ReliaQuest ultimately allowed us to reduce yearly security costs by at least $100K. This is money that can now be redeployed for other cybersecurity projects that will support business growth. Christine Vanderpool CISO, Florida Crystals
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Before ReliaQuest, we lacked visibility into our data, tools or a unified view of current threats. ReliaQuest helped us achieve quick response, tool efficacy, and data-driven results. Our increased efficiency allows us to focus on business growth—and not worry about having to scale our team to get to the outcomes we need. Mike Novak CISO, VP of IT Security, Data Protection and Compliance
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Leading Enterprises Improve Security Operations with GreyMatter

Learn How GreyMatter Can Improve Your Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response Process

GreyMatter enables you to get visibility across your entire attack surface, reduce complexity of your security operations, and efficiently manage risk across the business.

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