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Locate and Eliminate Lurking Threats

There is one inescapable truth in cybersecurity: Your environment will eventually be compromised. GreyMatter provides pre-built threat hunting packages that can comb through your network to identify potential problems.

ReliaQuest Greymatter

Finding Cyber Threats That Have Evaded Your Defenses Through Proactive Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is the proactive process of analyzing environmental telemetry to uncover both static and dynamic indicators of compromise (IOC) that may have evaded existing detection methods. Threat hunting delves deep to find malicious actors in your environment that have slipped past your security defenses.

Knowing Where to Start

A threat lead or IOC points threat hunters to an endpoint, application, system, or network worthy of investigation.

Investigate the present and past

Threat hunting examines current and past activity using all of your existing security tools in one place to identify potential IOCs and malicious activity.

Post-Hunt Response

Threat hunts help uncover areas for improvement. Knowing your environment’s weak spots will allow you to reduce risk and prevent future breaches.

How GreyMatter Works

Proactive and Retroactive
Threat Hunts with GreyMatter

GreyMatter Hunt delivers automated threat-hunting packages that can comb through your security tools, systems, and business applications and identify problems hidden in your network, and brings them to light for analysts, keeping your environment secure and helping security leaders sleep at night.

Single Console
for Threat Hunts

Data from all of your technologies is aggregated into a single area and can be visualized by anyone on your team.

Informed by Threat Intelligence

Open source, government, commercial, custom and digital risk protection threat feeds inform threat hunting.

Comprehensive Hunts
Across Your Attack Surface

Look across multiple security tools and multiple systems including cloud infrastructure to identify anomalies.

Identify Weak Spots
in Your Defenses

Identify problem areas in your security posture and receive actionable diagnostics from GreyMatter.

When Businesses Choose ReliaQuest They See Results

See Our Platform in Action
58 %

Decrease in Alert Triage
and Response Times

70 %

Reduction in Alert Noise
and False Positives

35 %

Improvement in
Total Cost of Ownership


Why ReliaQuest GreyMatter for Threat Hunting

ReliaQuest GreyMatter for Threat Hunting
  • Data from all of your technologies is aggregated into a single area and can be visualized by anyone on your team.
  • Examines artifacts from all technologies, not just your SIEM or EDR telemetry.
  • Both attack-based (structured) driven by a hypothesis and analytics-based (unstructured) not driven by a hypothesis.
Other Threat Hunting Offerings
  • Pivoting among many tools and consoles (self-service) or opaque, drawn-out process with multiple queries.
  • Typically use one security technology (EDR telemetry) to perform threat hunting.
  • Typically attack-based approach lacking attention towards an unstructured approach.
Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

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Customer Testimonials

Customers Hunt for Threats
with ReliaQuest

Image Description
For years vendors have promised to deliver a ‘single pane of glass’ but always fell short. ReliaQuest GreyMatter unifies security tools for visibility across layers, aggregated alerting, faster investigation and response, bolstered by proactive threat hunting and attack simulation to continually improve your posture, all wrapped with security advisory expertise for accelerating key initiatives. John Childers Director of Information Security, Aqua America
Image Description
ReliaQuest helps us understand where we need better visibility across the threat landscape, and the GreyMatter platform allows us to hunt, giving us a more detailed view of where we need to improve. Sr. InfoSec Analyst, Fortune 500 Specialty Retailer, $10.6 Billion Revenue
Image Description
GreyMatter allows us to automate our threat hunting capabilities and helps us quickly search across our environment for IOCs. Now, we’re able to keep remediation and response times to a minimum without interrupting operations. Information Security Manager, Regional Bank

Learn How GreyMatter
Can Improve Your
Threat Hunting

GreyMatter Hunt increases visibility, reduces complexity, and manages risk to keep your environment secure.

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