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Quickly Identify
and Act on Threats
on the Dark Web

ReliaQuest Greymatter Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor Where Cyber Criminals Are Active on the Open, Deep, or Dark Web

To effectively protect an organization, security teams need to understand how threat actors operate and have the ability to take action.

The Auto Club Group force-multiplies security operations through partnership with ReliaQuest.

  • 62% Decreased MTTR
  • 83% Improved MITRE coverage
Security is complex. The GreyMatter platform makes security simple for advanced threat analysts and new analysts alike.
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Digital Risk Protection

Online Protection
Tuned to the Need of Your Business

Identify Threats to Your Company and Executives

Expose insider threats or premeditated attacks.

Monitor dark web mentions of your organization’s name and assets in cybercriminal channels and forums.

Detect Dark Web
Data Leakage

Continuous monitoring of open, deep, and dark web sources to detect threats to your organization.

Identify credential compromise and exposed sensitive technical documents or intellectual property.

ReliaQuest Greymatter

Uncover Exposed Credentials

Our database contains information on over 15 billion breached credentials (usernames and passwords). This helps you see instantly whether your credentials can still be exploited by criminals to infiltrate accounts and systems.

ReliaQuest Greymatter Dark Web Monitoring

Secure Your Brand

Detect and mitigate domain infringement by monitoring where fraudsters seek to harvest information.

Detect typo and domain squats, spoofs of your company and executive social media profiles, and spoofed mobile applications.

ReliaQuest Greymatter Secure Your Brand
Integrations and connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security ops tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

Integrate data from existing toolsets in one, user-friendly view to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

customer success

Leading Customers Trust ReliaQuest to Monitor the Dark Web

Auto Club Group company logo
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ReliaQuest consistently adapts their product to the threat environment and the needs of their customers. New monitoring capabilities are added at a pace that keeps them relevant in this space. In addition, they provide valuable profile data for active campaigns and groups, and publish threat assessments for relevant media reports. We've been customers for several years and would highly recommend GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection! Security Leader, Gartner Peer Insights
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The ease in which ReliaQuest provides well-qualified and informative intelligence means we have been able to keep on top of what's being said about us as a brand and our overall security posture in the wider world. Security Leader, from Gartner Peer Insights
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ReliaQuest has been exceptional, constantly developing the product offering and striving to meet our changing demands. Security Analyst, Large Retailer

Learn How GreyMatter Measures and Improves Your Security Operations

The GreyMatter security operations platform removes duplicates and delivers unified detection content and coverage for high-fidelity, enriched alerts. GreyMatter enables your team to boost its efficiency, reduce burnout, and better manage risk.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard