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Research Report

Ransomware Report: Q3 2023

Quarterly Cyber-threat Report: Ransomware and Data-Leak Extortion

The ReliaQuest Threat Research team regularly monitors ransomware and data-leak sites to stay updated on new groups, tactics, strategic trends, and victimology. This report presents their research findings from the third calendar quarter of 2023.

During this quarter, we saw a significant increase of ransomware activity compared to last year, an unconventional approach taken by a specific ransomware group, and the sudden impact of a new group just days before the quarter ended.

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In This Research Report, You Will Learn

  • Comprehensive analysis of ransomware activity in Q3 2023
  • Breakdown of ransomware targeting, by sector and country
  • Key recommendations for preventing ransomware attacks
  • Ways to protect yourself against ransomware with help from ReliaQuest

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