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Adaptable Leadership with Dr. Eric Bean - HigherEchelon, Director of High Performance

Leaders from across the globe have indicated that adaptability is the most important leadership quality in the digital era. It’s their ability to adapt that will determine the success of their teams and their organizations. Dr. Eric Bean shares some incredible insight around the research behind adaptability, our resistance to it, and how we can improve it going forward.

In this conversation with ReliaQuest mental performance coaches Derin McMains and Dr. Nicole Detling, Dr. Bean talks about:

  • Embracing the discomfort of reskilling
  • Learning anxiety vs. Survival anxiety
  • How to increase our ability to adapt

Dr. Eric Bean is the Director of High Performance at HigherEchelon, an executive coach, leadership consultant, podcast host, and keynote speaker. Through both one-on-one and group trainings, Eric has worked with Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, surgeons, business professionals, and athletes on the psychology of high performance, leadership, culture, and team dynamics. While working with the Army, Eric led a small team to create and implement the first mental training curriculum for surgeons and emergency physicians at Madigan Army Medical Center.

Dr. Bean partners with organizations in both private and public sectors to design, develop, and implement customized solutions for enhancing leadership, aligning strategy and culture, and generating powerful team performance. Dr. Bean has taught a graduate level Leadership Theory and

Application course at Boston College, has coached Fortune 100 leaders, and is the host of the podcast Coaching Through Stories: Lessons in Leadership and High Performance.

Dr. Bean is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through ICF, and has served on the Executive Board within the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Eric received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Southern California, a Master of Science in Sport Psychology from Cal State Fullerton, and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Dr. Bean is a published, peer-reviewed author and has gained insights from both elite performers on what it takes to be their best when it matters the most.

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