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Preventing Phishing Attacks

As more teams shift to a hybrid or remote workforce, employees at home have become the new network perimeter. With this change, phishing has become one of the most effective ways for attackers to get into your organization’s network.

This EcoCast provides an opportunity to explore phishing protection solutions, both technologies and training. Listen in as experts in the field explore their solutions for end-user training, endpoint security, anti-malware solutions, MFA and more. Whether you are looking to update your existing systems, or start from scratch, there is something for everyone in this exciting conversation.

Don’t wait for a phishing attack to assess your organization’s readiness. Get ahead of the attackers and power up this important layer of your defenses.

Listen to this webinar to learn about:

  • Learn how training can improve your defenses
  • Explore innovations in MFA, endpoint security, anti-malware and more!
  • Best practices, tips and trends to defend against phishing attacks at your organization

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