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Is Your Abuse Mailbox a Challenge? Get Smarter About Phishing Attacks with GreyMatter Phishing Analyze

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In this webinar, you will get the latest phishing research conducted by our Photon Team, including current tactics and techniques used by bad actors to trick people into working on their behalf.

Plus, we'll showcase GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer, a new solution to help your teams tackle email phishing attacks that end up in user inboxes.

Join this webinar to:

  • Get actionable insights into how you can increase your organization's security posture to fight against email-based threats.
  • Learn more about GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer and see it in action
  • Discover how Phishing Analyzer can increase the operational efficiency of your security team and reduce the risk of email-based threats to your organization.

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