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Measure Your Security Operations

Security Metrics
That Matter

Consistent, business-relevant metrics to drive ROI, improve alignment, and accelerate your security program.

Defining Key Security Metrics

The Metrics You Need to Drive Security Outcomes

Having the right security metrics enables you to gain consistent awareness of your threat detection, investigation, and response workflow—and how to improve it.  Understanding detection metrics like threat coverage, investigation metrics like false positive rate, and response metrics like MTTR enables your team to make incremental improvement in their workflow and in your security posture as a whole.

Comprehensive Visibility

Full visibility means having access to real-time data from all your data sources mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

Investigation Efficiency

Investigation efficiency covers things like false-positive rate and threat hunting effectiveness, helping your team improve processes or level up where they need to.

Response Effectiveness

In response, every second matters. Track and improve mean time to resolve, incident closure rates, and the use of automated playbooks to accelerate response.

Streamlined Measurement

Bringing all these metrics together can help your team measure and improve your security program for your organization and any of its operating companies.

How Model Index Works

Measure and Improve Security Operations with the GreyMatter Security Model Index

Over the years, ReliaQuest has identified key metrics used by security leaders at global organizations. Now, we provide those metrics to our customers to help them understand their posture and clear a path forward.

Gain Visibility Across Your Attack Surface

The Model Index provides visibility into data sources dispersed across your entire organization and its subsidiaries so you know what’s missing and what to prioritize next.

Map Your SOC Activities to Cyber and Business Risks

The Model Index maps your threat detection coverage using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, helping you identify cyber and business risks.

Measure and Manage Your Security Operations

See a trendline of your mean time to resolve (MTTR) so you can understand and improve MTTR over time.

Measure Yourself Against Industry Peers

How do you measure up? Compare performance against peer companies in the same industry from across the ReliaQuest ecosystem.

When businesses choose ReliaQuest they see results

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58 %

Decrease in Alert Triage
and Response Times

70 %

Reduction in Alert Noise
and False Positives

35 %

Improvement in
Total Cost of Ownership

Technical Capabilities

Key Capabilities of the
Security Model Index

GreyMatter delivers key, business-ready metrics, giving leaders real-time views into critical areas of security operations and practices. Metrics are benchmarked against previous quarters and industry peers, giving insights into how your program is performing comparatively and maturing over time. These metrics are available across your entire organization including any subsidiary companies.

Detection Metrics

GreyMatter delivers transparent metrics to drive continuous improvement and deliver ROI across your security program. The Model Index automatically suggests improvements based on your environment, technology, and business.  

  • Measure threat detection content deployed using the MITRE ATT&CK® framework compared to total possible techniques available based on the security technology that you own. 
  • Understand visibility across your environment based on data sources GreyMatter can see compared to all data sources available.
  • Track the distinct data source functions that are available and enabled to improve monitoring fidelity.

Investigation Metrics

By measuring the efficacy of your incident investigation program, you can identify opportunities to improve. 

  • Understanding the false positive rate can identify areas for tuning to reduce alert noise.
  • Anomalous safe rate highlights activity that is deemed safe through investigation, but sometimes can be malicious. Having access to this metric allows you to better assess and manage risk.
  • Measuring threat hunts run by your enterprise helps your security team move from reactive to proactive.

Response Metrics

Response measurements identify how long it takes to respond to an alert, highlighting areas for improvement.

  • Understanding your mean time to resolve (MTTR) can help you reduce the amount of time an attacker can dwell in your environment.
  • Tracking the use of response playbooks can uncover opportunities to automate response and remediation actions and processes.
  • Close rate helps gauge security operations efficiency to understand how quickly issues are being resolved and where time is being spent.
Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

See Integrations

Measure and Improve Your Security Operations

ReliaQuest GreyMatter
  • Metrics within the Security Model Index demonstrate the business value of your security program and how it aligns to business outcomes.
  • Easy-to-understand dashboards provide an up-to-date picture of how well teams are responding to threats.
  • A unique combination of technology, ongoing enablement, and analytics helps you proactively monitor your environment.
  • Security operations metrics across your operating entities and business units helps you understand best practices and identify where you should focus attention.
Other Security Platforms
  • Technically-focused status reports.
  • Little or no measurement of how their platform and your team operate.
  • Rudimentary checklists or nothing at all.
Customer Testimonials

Measuring Results, Achieving Goals

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Image Description
Our SOC has really strong, clean metrics. GreyMatter gives us visibility into the specifics of our environment by making the data within our existing toolset easier to assess, and we get a lot of information from ReliaQuest’s Model Index that helps me frame up what our operation side looks like. Trey Tunnell Floor & Décor, Director of Cybersecurity Operations
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Since partnering with ReliaQuest, we’ve been able to mature our program much faster. They help us understand the effectiveness of our controls and where we should be focusing our investments as well as our efforts. CISO, $4.5B Global Producer of Industrial Minerals
Image Description
ReliaQuest's Model Index gives us visibility and insight so that we can see – where are we falling short? Where are we exceeding? Where can we invest more? Where can we make smarter decisions? Bringing insight of the full end-to-end process has been critical for improvement. Christine Vanderpool CISO, Florida Crystals
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Learn How GreyMatter Can Measure and Improve Your Security Operations

Board-ready reporting quantifies the impact of the security operations team and grants you the confidence to communicate the value of security to your business.

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