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Solution Brief

ReliaQuest Security Model Index Solution Brief

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Security and the Business

Every security leader prioritizes maturing their security programs and practices to keep up with a changing threat landscape and dynamic IT environment. But they struggle with what metrics will help them gauge where they stand and what they need to do to maintain an acceptable security posture, especially those that the business and Board understand. Most metrics tracked today are not actionable and fail to connect to business outcomes or demonstrate the value that security provides. At best, they provide technical indicators around operational performance that assist with tactical actions.

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ReliaQuest Security Model Index

In today’s environment, security leaders need actionable metrics that help them understand where they stand,
what they should do to progress their posture, and how to communicate with business leaders. Accelerate the outcomes of your security program. Read the solution brief for metrics your peers and the board understand.

Read this solution brief and you will learn:

  • Metrics that matter.
  • How can you deliver on your vision for a best-in-class security program?
  • How ReliaQuest Model Index works.

Security Operations Made Possible with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk across your existing tools with comprehensive protection unified under a single security operations platform.

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