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Field-tested World-class Detection, Investigation and Response

No more swivel chair analysis

A typical SOC today is overwhelmed with security tools that do not integrate and communicate well with each other, leading to a swivel chair approach when it comes to threat analysis. The results, most times, are too many false positives and reactive fire drills leading to alert fatigue and overwhelming security teams. With GreyMatter’s unified detection, investigation and response workspace, you can triumph over the never-ending chase, reduce false positives and focus on reducing risk.

Comprehensive Detection, Investigation and Response From a Single UI.

ReliaQuest delivers a unified security operations workspace through which analysts can conduct detection, investigation, response and resilience activities, eliminating wasteful tool-hopping. Automated data collection across relevant tools accelerates investigation processes. Built-in detection capabilities help map coverage across Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks giving you real-time snapshots of your risk posture and coverage gaps, regardless of environment – on-premises, hybrid or cloud. Pre-built playbooks automate responses at machine speeds across commonly detected events to quickly contain threats. The result? The visibility with contextual enrichment you need to detect, investigate and respond to threats at machine speeds–and triumphant analysts!

Some customers experience:
12X increase in visibility, 400% increase in threat detection capability.

Vendor-Agnostic Data Collection to Speed Investigations With All Relevant Research and Data in One Consistent View, Every Time.

Tuned, field-tested detections trigger GreyMatter automation plays that auto-query relevant technologies, de-dupe, and contextually enrich with data from related technologies, intel, and historical information, creating a high-fidelity research package. This eliminates manual data collection efforts, saving time – many times cutting it by 50% or more – and focusing the analyst on the investigation. GreyMatter removes the tedium of tool integration and data model mappings, unifying data collection and contextual enrichment to respond to threats faster while reducing alert fatigue.

Faster Threat Detection Using Curated Content for Your Environment.

Increase the visibility and effectiveness of your existing security tools with continual and consistent building and integration of 600+ threat detection rules and data parsing capabilities for your enterprise.

See business risk in real-time, uncovering gaps in coverage mapped to kill chain, MITRE ATT&CK and other standard security frameworks, to secure your remote workforce and reduce the chances of an attacker gaining any access to your most critical assets.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks and Incident Response at Machine Speeds.

Playbook implementation is streamlined through our orchestration engine to deliver tailored actions with certified integrations into your security controls like EDR, multiple cloud tools, and third-party apps. Automation of data collection and repetitive tasks focus the analyst on higher-priorities and cut investigation times, in some cases by up to 40%. Personalized playbooks tuned to your environment keep your teams focused on business alignment and ensure reduced risk across the organization.