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Measure, to Improve

Continuously mature your security posture and report results with confidence

When business leaders ask how secure the organization is, what do you report? How do you know that you are making progress against your expected outcomes to confidently report on security posture? How do you know what is working and what is not? Answering these questions shouldn’t be hard, but many organizations lack a consistent or effective way to measure their security programs. Over the years, we’ve partnered with our customers to solve this problem by creating the Security Model Index – a mechanism that enables consistent awareness, and continuous improvement of their organization’s visibility, effectiveness of their teams and the state of their security posture. This exec-ready report gives our customers a way to quantify the impact of the security operations team, and the confidence to communicate the value of security to their business.


Deliver Metrics That the Business Understands.

More often than not, security teams measure operational and technical indices that mean little to the business, resulting in dissatisfied business leaders and loss of critical support needed to mature security programs.  With Model Index, customers gain confidence in their security posture and can implement strategies to further improve, guided by consistent benchmarking and reporting that compares against past performance and peers within their industry. With the Security Model Index, security leaders can deliver relevant metrics that demonstrate business value and alignment to outcomes that business partners can relate to.

Deliver Metrics That the Business Understands.

Now you can transform your business with confidence. ReliaQuest GreyMatter measures coverage against leading frameworks like Cyber Kill Chain® and MITRE ATT&CK® so you can see progress against your program goals and identify gaps, in real-time, and focus your efforts to decrease risk. Regular updates of field-validated detection automation packages developed by our security experts keep you on top of your game with new and emerging threats, across any environment – on-premises, hybrid and cloud – so you have a comprehensive view of risk and can develop response strategies.

Stay on Top of Operations Performance

The bane of security operations is scarce analysts spending too much time on activities that don’t directly relate threat analysis or worse, chasing false positives. The Team Performance index provides an up-to-date picture of how well teams are responding to threats. Additionally, it shows trending in false positive and anomalous safe alerts identifying the need for tuning to keep the noise down.

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Ensure Security Ecosystem Performance

Operating reactively to alerts and administrative overhead distracts you from achieving the results you expect from your security investments. The more the investments, the higher the loss. With proactive health monitoring powered by a unique combination of technology, ongoing enablement and analytics, GreyMatter customers see fast, measurable results, including 98% reduction in security system downtime. Combined with the platform expertise of ReliaQuest engineers, you save time and reduce your administration overhead so you can focus on keeping your business safe.

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