Our customers are the number-one priority here at ReliaQuest, and we are grateful that they continually share their knowledge and expertise about how to overcome today’s most difficult challenges. Cybersecurity is a team sport, and as we work together, we can make security possible.

Recently, ReliaQuest hosted 400+ customers in Tampa, Florida, at our annual Exponent conference. We had more than 20 customers deliver presentations across 31 thought-leadership and networking breakout sessions.

Key Takeaways: What We Heard from Our Customers

  • Finding efficiencies – Optimizing the detection, investigation, and response (DIR) process is top of mind for security teams as enterprises navigate economic turbulence. Changes making the biggest impact include streamlining investigations through automation, accelerating response with playbooks, and artificial intelligence (AI) and large-language models (LLMs) that can free up time to work on priority projects.
  • Securing multi-cloud/multi-SIEM environments – Organizations operate across multiple clouds and SIEMs from different providers, and those enterprises are reducing that complexity using the GreyMatter platform to use their security telemetry “where it naturally lives.” Multi-cloud/-SIEM is now commonplace as enterprises take advantage of opportunities like Microsoft E5 licensing, and GreyMatter allows them to streamline security operations across their expanding attack surfaces.
  • Operationalizing threat intelligence – Ransomware, phishing, insider threats, and other attacks are still making headlines, and security teams want to continuously improve their approaches to protecting against today’s threats. Better understanding how to turn threat intelligence into action is a key consideration for security professionals right now.
  • Networking – Every organization is at a different stage in their security journeys. Throughout the conference, ReliaQuest customers expressed the importance of networking with their peers and the vendors they partner with to share best practices and find ways to improve.

Thirty-One Customer-Led Sessions

The thought-leadership sessions covered best practices for addressing —like multi-cloud security, women in cyber, and automation. They also included sessions about forward-looking trends like protecting operational technology (OT) environments and how to think about AI and LLMs in a cybersecurity context.

The Exponent networking roundtable sessions, hosted by our customers, offered security leaders the opportunity to share and learn best practices other security leaders and practitioners are using in their day-to-day work to improve their teams and further reduce risk for their organizations. These networking topics included threat hunting, ransomware response, delivering efficient security operations during catastrophes, and more.


Hands-On Learning and Product Deep Dives

Exponent also featured 20 platform sessions—presented by ReliaQuest’s product team—to help our customers unlock greater value from our GreyMatter Security Operations Platform, Digital Risk Protection (DRP), Phishing Analyzer, and more. Eighteen hands-on training sessions gave customers the opportunity to hear from the ReliaQuest experts creating the technology and learn more about how to use the products to drive real-world outcomes. Hands-on sessions allowed customers to dissect phishing emails, navigate a hunt, and operationalize threat intelligence—among other experiences.


On the Exponent main stage, Bryan A. Vorndran, Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Division had an open discussion about how the FBI operationalizes threat intelligence. Brian Murphy, ReliaQuest Founder and CEO, shared how ReliaQuest core values help us deliver outcomes for our customers. Brian Foster, President of Product and Technical Operations at ReliaQuest, walked through the GreyMatter product roadmap, highlighting the new GreyMatter Mobile App, AI functionality, and more. And Derin “Dmac” McMains, Director of Mental Performance at ReliaQuest, challenged us to change our perspective and adopt a work-life presence mentality.


The Ultimate NFL Experience

On the final evening of Exponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted the “Ultimate NFL Experience.” As the official cybersecurity provider of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ReliaQuest invited customers to enjoy exclusive access to the Buccaneers’ practice facility to interact with players and challenge their football skills.

Overall, it was our biggest and most productive Exponent ever. The event offered extensive networking opportunities, nonstop learning, and the opportunity to invest in oneself, and added tools to tackle today’s most difficult challenge: cybersecurity. We appreciate the customers who met with us in Tampa and look forward to seeing you all again next year.