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What We Do, and More Importantly What You Can Do.

When your security use cases are covered, you can help the business adapt, evolve or grow.

Our Approach

ReliaQuest offers the innovation, speed, and ease of SaaS, along with the ongoing development and API management of an integration platform—so you don’t need to worry about managing disparate tools. GreyMatter also includes the quality threat detection content, playbooks, and incident response expertise of world-class security operations, with the transparency and ongoing measurement you’d expect from a trusted partner.

Our technology is built with security users and workflows in mind. But it’s not just the technology. We partner with you to map out your security operations goals, and work on a plan to achieve them, together.

Vendor-agnostic Integrated Platform

You know the tools that will work best in your environment. You’ve spent weeks, maybe years operationalizing and tuning them. But there is no systematic way to continuously integrate them all.

That’s one of the problems we solve.

We’re the glue between your data and systems to give you visibility as the foundation for securing your organization and continuously maturing your security operations. But it’s not just the data aggregation component: we’re giving you the ability to fully analyze events from the ReliaQuest GreyMatter UI. No need to learn 8+ different tools with 8+ different UIs and languages. We’re unifying the detection, investigation, and response process in one work surface. Onboard analysts faster, reduce churn, and keep teams focused on the issues most critical for your business.

The Best at Detection and Investigation.

Cut security investigation time in half with threat detection content mapped to MITRE ATT&CK® and the Kill Chain® and applied to your infrastructure. Our analyst and threat intelligence teams are continuously updating detection content based on the latest evolving security landscape to ensure consistent alert fidelity and coverage.

With ReliaQuest, teams don’t receive standard alerts—they receive automatically assembled research packages with everything needed for your team or our team to run an efficient investigation. ReliaQuest GreyMatter normalizes all collected data to a common structure to enable visualizations, accurate filtering, and fast searches across the full, aggregated data set.

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Proactive Security, Continuous Optimization.

The industry often thinks of automation only in terms of response. But ReliaQuest looks for opportunities to automate across the cyber response lifecycle.

Alert-level automation screens out false positives and collects all relevant data to speed investigation. Pre-built playbooks across commonly detected events and use cases help your team confidently automate in line with your standard operating procedures.

Improve your security posture with Open XDR with automated hunts driven by machine learning and automated attack simulations to continuously validate security controls and systems, identify gaps, and prioritize remediation based on risk to the business.

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Our Character.

When we ask customers to describe ReliaQuest, they say things like:

“Well run, process-oriented scrappy bunch.”

“Innovative, sharp, thorough and focused, best in class.”

“Act with integrity. True partnership.”

“Resourceful, results-oriented, flexible.”

“Polish, enthusiasm, transparency.”

We Built GreyMatter

We know what it’s like to get whiplash working across multiple screens and interfaces when a threat surfaces. We know how it feels to waste time on false positives instead of threat hunting or proactively partnering with the business. That’s why we built ReliaQuest GreyMatter, a unified threat detection, investigation and response platform, providing visibility, automation, and measurement across the cyber response lifecycle. Our mission is to give you confidence in your security program: to validate your investments are optimally tuned, to glue together disparate systems, to give you the investigative and response tools you need to mitigate security risks from a single user interface. You know what’s most important to your business. We force multiply security operations. ReliaQuest helps you increase visibility, reduce complexity, and minimize risk,—so you can focus on partnering to help your business grow and adapt faster. We deliver on our mission so you can deliver on your mission. Get a demo of GreyMatter and see how we can make security possible together.