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Make Security Possible with
Microsoft E5


Amplify the Power of Microsoft 365 Security

ReliaQuest GreyMatter provides you with a single unified view of Microsoft 365 and non-Microsoft security tools to help better secure your organization.

APi Group used GreyMatter to increase visibility by 47% and Secures Expanding Attack Surface Across their Microsoft 365 E5 Security Suite.

  • 275% Increase in MITRE ATT&CK coverage resulting in better, higher fidelity detections.
  • 52% Decrease in response times while managing risk through automated playbooks.
The Microsoft stack is great, but one of the challenging things is that people cannot easily pick up the query language. So, when it comes to making accurate detections, you really need solid detection content – and that’s where ReliaQuest comes into play for us.
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GreyMatter for Microsoft 365 Environments

GreyMatter Automates Actions Across the Microsoft Security Stack

Outpace Threats

The challenge is to stay ahead of the threats.

GreyMatter does this with a powerful security operations platform, built on an Open XDR architecture, to help you proactively respond to this ever-changing landscape.

relevant artifacts pulled across security technologies in GreyMatter

Optimize Your Existing Tools

Help your team model the business impact of adding new Microsoft 365 E5 tools.

With GreyMatter, you can integrate Microsoft 365 E5 security products at the pace that best suits your organization.

Automation Reduces
Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)

Automation and alert prioritization across multiple security tools ensure rapid threat detection and mitigation.

Reduces detection and response times from hours to just minutes.

ReliaQuest Greymatter

Better License Utilization

Get maximum utilization of your Microsoft 365 E5 licensing.

Easily integrate Microsoft 365 software in to your Security Operations Workflows with GreyMatter.

ReliaQuest Greymatter
Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

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Leading Customers Trust ReliaQuest
Amplify the Power of Microsoft E5 Security

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One time we had Malware hit an endpoint. My team thought it was contained, then we get a call from the analyst at ReliaQuest who was seeing strange activity. He ended up executing an isolate play for us. They do analysis, give us context, and recommendations on what to do. The second set of eyes, the quick automated plays, and higher fidelity detections have been crucial for us to have. Carl Lee Information Security Lead at APi Group
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Security is complex. The GreyMatter platform makes security simple for advanced threat analysts and new analysts alike. Gopal Padinjaruveetil CISO, Auto Club Group
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For years, vendors have promised to deliver a ‘single pane of glass,’ but always fell short. ReliaQuest GreyMatter unifies security tools for visibility across layers, aggregated alerting, and faster investigation and response, bolstered by proactive threat hunting and attack simulation to continually improve your posture, all wrapped with security advisory expertise for accelerating key initiatives. John Childers Director of Information Security, Aqua America
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ReliaQuest’s vendor-agnostic Open XDR approach also helps us ensure we’re maximizing the capabilities of our existing toolset by centralizing and normalizing our data, ultimately enabling my team to manage risk more efficiently and effectively. Robert Vazquez CISO, Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC)

Learn How GreyMatter Can Help Make Security Possible with Microsoft E5

GreyMatter enables you to get visibility across your entire attack surface, reduce complexity of your security operations, and efficiently manage risk across the business.

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