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Solution Brief

CrowdStrike Solution Brief

ReliaQuest for CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike is one of the leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) vendors, boasting a comprehensive solution spanning many features.

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ReliaQuest for CrowdStrike

In this solution brief you will learn

CrowdStrike tools require a sophisticated skillset to manage. For it to be effective, teams must keep it operational and tuned for specific use cases and environments. Additionally, it is critical to continuously develop and deploy new detection rules to keep up with the dynamic threat landscape and IT environment.

ReliaQuest detection architects specialize in building detection content configured to the customer organization, tune existing ones and adding detected IOCs for highest fidelity. Using its cloud-native platform, GreyMatter, data from CrowdStrike tools are unified with other sources such as SIEM, CASBs, threat
intelligence and any other technologies to provide context and enrich investigations and drive fast response for proactive protection.

  • Reduce noise and identify emerging threats with continuously built and optimized detection content
  • Drive faster insights by enhancing alerts with contextual telemetry from other security tools, log sources and threat intelligence
  • Enhance protection with automated response actions and controls validation

Security Operations Made Possible with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk across your existing tools with comprehensive protection unified under a single security operations platform.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard