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Research Report

Taming Security Complexity in the Era of “Multi”

For security teams, the abundance of technologies and providers comes at a price. For security teams, the impact of “multi” extends beyond “multi-cloud.” Many security organizations not only have multiple telemetry sources; by necessity, they have become multi-SIEM and multi-EDR, too.

The good news for security organizations is that as detection, investigation, and response (DIR) practices have evolved, technology and expertise have evolved as well. Security operations platforms like ReliaQuest GreyMatter that streamline the DIR workflow have evolved to help you make the most of “multi.”

In this report by Scott Crawford, Research Director for the Information Security Channel at S&P Global Market Intelligence, learn how to make the most of this diversity without overwhelming complexity and cost by embracing an efficient architectural approach and leveraging the value of expertise.

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Security Operations Made Possible with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

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