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Research Report

The Security Operations Platform for Distributed Security Tools — from Detection to Response to Measurement

International Data Corporation (IDC) is “the premier global provider of market intelligence” for the information technology market.

In this spotlight paper, author Chris Kissel (Research Vice President, Security and Trust Products) examines the value and efficacy of the ReliaQuest GreyMatter security operations platform. GreyMatter boasts over 80 integration partners, enabling rapid detection and investigation teams to utilize their preferred tools.

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What’s Inside

According to IDC, "When building an effective detection and response cybersecurity software stack, organizations need a true platform that provides actionable insights, integrates multiple point-product solutions, and continually improves their digital risk posture."

The ReliaQuest GreyMatter security operations platform provides visibility in heterogeneous environments while centralizing detection, investigation, and response along with other security operations workflow actions in one place.

A few more differentiating details about GreyMatter are worth noting:

  • ReliaQuest offers a digital risk protection (DRP) package that can be purchased either with GreyMatter or independently. The package includes dark web monitoring, brand protection, technical data leakage, data leakage detection, and attack surface monitoring.
  • GreyMatter provides visibility into multiple cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure environments whether a client uses Microsoft Sentinel or Microsoft Defender for Endpoint as an EDR. GreyMatter frequently helps transition clients to make the best use of their Microsoft 365 E5 licenses.
  • GreyMatter queries and normalizes data across various security tools using bidirectional integrations. Interestingly, this stitches together the relevant security telemetry needed for investigations and enables automated playbook response through GreyMatter.

Continuously Monitor the Open, Deep, and Dark Web

ReliaQuest GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection provides unique 360-degree view of security threats both inside and outside of the organization.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard