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Research Report

ReliaQuest Annual Cyber-Threat Report: 2023

Between February 1, 2022, and February 1, 2023, the ReliaQuest Threat Research Team identified trends across several data sources and analyzed cyber-threat trends and observations. During a reporting period that saw Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a continued risk of ransomware attacks and data extortion, and an avalanche of high-risk vulnerabilities, we identified key events and patterns.

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What's in the Report?

In this first ReliaQuest Annual Cyber-Threat Report, we cover activity observed from 1 February 2022 to 1 February 2023:

  • Trends related to ransomware, including a breakdown of the most commonly targeted sectors and regions
  • The most commonly found risk types on the GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection service
  • Trends related to initial access brokers (IABs): the cybercriminal gatekeepers that enable a raft of malicious activity
  • An introduction to vulnerability intelligence, highlighting the “red-flag” flaws in platforms that ReliaQuest customers use most
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