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2019 ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl Report

The 2019 ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl Report reveals how a rapid increase in the number of security tools used by large companies is limiting their return on investment while increasing the risk of cyber threats. The survey of 400 security decision makers at companies with more than 1,000 employees found there is a security tool tipping point where the number of cybersecurity solutions becomes overwhelming and increases organizational risk levels. The result is underutilized technology, ineffective use of valuable security resources, and overwhelmed and inefficient teams that spend more time trying to manage their wide range of tools than proactively defending against threats.

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Key Findings

2019 ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl Report

Security teams are deploying more tools than ever. Almost three-quarters (70%) of respondents say they’ve invested in more than 5 new technologies in the last year, including 19% who say they’ve invested in more than 20. Teams are struggling to implement the tools. Seventy-one percent report they are adding security technologies faster than they are adding the capacity to productively use them.

The burden of tools maintenance compromises threat response. Sixty-nine percent report their security team currently spends more time managing security tools than effectively defending against threats. A majority of enterprises are less secure today as a result of tools sprawl. Over half (53%) say their security team has reached a tipping point where the excessive number of security tools in place adversely impacts security posture.