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The Value of Failure with Ceci Craft - Philadelphia Phillies, Director of Mental Performance, Life Skills, and Education

Failure has value. Not only has Ceci discovered this in her own life, but she teaches that to some of the best baseball players in the world. In this episode, you’ll hear clips from Ceci’s live interview with ReliaQuest mental performance coach, Dr. Nicole Detling. She discusses:

  • Finding value in mistakes and failure
  • Focusing on one thing at a time
  • Importance of routines

Ceci Craft is the Director of Mental Performance, Life Skills and Education for the Philadelphia Phillies. She received her B.A. from Bates College in Maine where she captained the women’s soccer team in 2005. She then went on to attend the University of Wales, Bangor, one of the premier Sports Science institutions in Britain. At Bangor she received her MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. Ceci’s work at the University of Wales, Bangor focused mostly on Transformational Leadership Behaviors and its effects on role function within a team.

Ceci has spent a combined 8 seasons as a mental performance coach in Major League Baseball. She spent her first 6 seasons with the Cleveland Guardians and the past two seasons coaching the Phillies.

As a mental performance coach Ceci assisted players and staff at the Major League level of the organization in the continued development and integration of programs and services that enhance performance and mental and emotional development. She also has recently taken on directing the Life Skills and Education Program supporting Phillies players in learning English, completing high school and having basic life skills to compete both in the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Ceci previously worked for the United States Army for a combined 7 years from 2008-14, 2019-2021 working  for the Special Warfare Center and School, primarily with Special Forces soldiers, and was the “Head of Performance” for the Special Operations Cognitive Enhancement Program (SOCEP), and went on to direct the program.

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