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The Business Version of 'Moneyball' with Joe Bohringer - Executive Coach & Consultant/Former MLB Executive

Every business plays some version of “moneyball”. One of the keys to success in any organization or on any team is turning advanced analytics into actionable concepts. After 31 seasons in the fast-paced, high stakes business of Major League Baseball, Joe Bohringer shares strategies on how to best use metrics to drive measurable behaviors that lead to execution. In this conversation with ReliaQuest Mental Performance coaches Dr. Nicole Detling and Derin McMains, Bohringer discusses:

  • Balancing the science of data with the art of messaging
  • Understanding the behaviors, actions, and systems behind the numbers
  • Why he believes in People over Process

Joe Bohringer is an accomplished executive with over three decades of experience in Major League Baseball. Starting as a student intern while earning a business degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he went on to hold leadership roles with multiple clubs during his career. His achievements include helping build foundations for a historic Chicago Cubs World Series win and the Seattle Mariners end of a 20-year playoff drought.

After 31 seasons and a World Series ring, Joe has transitioned to executive coaching and consulting. In this role he has engaged with corporate clients as well as teams from Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the NBA G League, and the new Professional Women’s Hockey League. Joe also serves as a volunteer executive coach with a Chicago-based nonprofit and an alumni advisor for the MIT Sloan Career Development Office. He and his family currently reside in the Chicago suburbs.

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