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Surprising Secrets Behind World-Class Teams with Hoby Darling: Liminal Collective, Co-Founder and Partner

Hoby Darling has spent the last 20+ years at the forefront of business, innovation, and sports. With experiences that include positions as: Global General Manager at Nike, CEO of Skullcandy, SVP of Volcom, and now as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Liminal Collective – he’s hired for, built, and strengthened world-class teams multiple times. This episode is packed with his hard-earned wisdom that he’s gained throughout his journey.

In this conversation with ReliaQuest Mental Performance coaches Dr. Nicole Detling and Derin McMains, Hoby discusses:

  • What to look for in hiring
  • How to get the most out of your existing team(s)
  • Ways to increase bonding between teammates

In addition to his experience at Nike, Skullcandy, Volcom, and currently at Liminal Collective (a leading sports and human performance advisory, events, and media company) – he’s also a board member or senior advisor to some of the fastest growing sports and lifestyle brands in the world. This includes Momentous, FitLab, Youth Enrichment Brands, and Pedego Bikes.

He has had multiple liquidity events from sales and IPOs including Skullcandy and Volcom and as a board member and advisor to Ragnar Relays in its sale to FitLab and PowerDot in its sale to Therabody.

Hoby has degrees from UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Columbia, and Western Washington. In addition, he is a Certified Personal Trainer, XPT Certified Performance Breathing coach, and a USA Lacrosse Level 1 Certified coach.

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