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The Future of Automation in Cybersecurity

Amplify your analysts with security automation.

The future of cybersecurity automation is technology augmenting people, not replacing them. Because automation can give your team better insights, they can make confident decisions and take swift action, resulting in better cybersecurity defenses for your business.

In this ExpertFocus ebook, read how security leaders like Southwest Airlines, RenaissanceRe, and Auto Club Group are using automation to empower their analysts.

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The Future of Automation in Cybersecurity

Ask a cybersecurity analyst about how difficult their job is and you likely will hear a similar refrain: Even though they have an endless array of tools and technologies at their disposal, the job is getting more challenging.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • The role of automation
  • How to rethink your approach to security
  • How to improve your security operations at every stage of maturity