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ESG eBook: SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR

In their new eBook, ESG examines the evolution of the SOC and how technology like ReliaQuest’s, which is built on an Open XDR architecture, have changed to meet the needs of today’s organizations.

"Security operations demand massive scale to collect, process, analyze, and act upon massive amounts of data. Early XDR was anchored to two primary data sources: endpoints and networks. While this was an improvement on disconnected EDR and NDR tools, threat detection and response across enterprise organizations demands a wider aperture, including cloud workloads, threat intelligence feeds, SaaS applications, and identity and access management visibility. At the same time, in order to modernize security operations centers and keep up with the volume of security alerts, large organizations need advanced analytics to help automate tier-1 analyst tasks like triaging alerts, correlating alerts with IoCs, and preparing incidents for investigations."

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ESG eBook Mockup - SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR

ESG eBook: SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR

ESG surveyed 376 IT and cybersecurity professionals at organizations in North America (US and Canada) personally responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and utilizing threat detection and response security products and services.

  • 40% of respondents believe security operations are more difficult than they were two years ago due to a growing attack surface.
  • 34% of organizations will pursue improving the operationalization of threat intelligence over the next 12 months.
  • 35% of organizations plan to purchase security operations tools designed to help automate and orchestrate security operations processes.