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Automation Decision Framework

A Quick-Reference Guide for Strategically Implementing Automation into Your Defense Strategy

As attackers grow more sophisticated, security teams need to get faster at containing and responding to threats—and automation can help them do that. This decision framework is designed to guide the integration of automation into your threat detection, investigation, and response workflow to help your organization better address these challenges.

Key Considerations When Applying Automation

This one-pager includes key questions you can ask yourself to identify low-risk opportunities for implementing automation. By answering these questions, you can assess:

  • The ability of automated actions to effectively contain and mitigate threats
  • The potential impact of automation on critical business operations
  • How well automated strategies align with the organization's overall risk tolerance

GreyMatter Accelerates Your Security Operations Journey 

Learn how ReliaQuest GreyMatter helps accelerate your security operations journey. It applies automation throughout the threat detection, investigation, and response process leveraging your existing security tool investments, driving better SecOps efficiency.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard