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Auto Club Group Increases Visibility Across Their Environment by 39%

The ReliaQuest GreyMatter security operations platform uses bi-directional integration and data stitching to provide a comprehensive view of ACG's multiple security environments.

Auto Club Group - Case Study Video
99.99 %

Reduction in Event and Alert Noise

39 %

Improvement in Total Visibility

62 %

Reduction in Mean Time to Respond

83 %

Improvement in MITRE Coverage


Protecting Customer Data as Well as Its Own

The Auto Club Group (ACG) is the second largest and fastest-growing American Automobile Association (AAA) club in North America. ACG has earned the trust of more than 13 million members and 10,000+ employees by upholding their commitment to “always doing what’s right.”

Part of staying true to that mantra means protecting its customers’ data as well as its own. But when you’re managing security events from across multiple business units, maintaining security can get complicated fast. That’s why ACG’s Chief Information Security Officer, Gopal Padinjaruveetil, turns to ReliaQuest and the GreyMatter platform.

“Correlating and making sense of all those events—platforms like GreyMatter make it look simple,” Padinjaruveetil said. “It removes a lot of complexity.”

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Streamlining Operations to Increase Visibility

Over the years, ACG has grown both organically and by acquisition. Onboarding pre-existing security environments has presented challenges.

Partnering with ReliaQuest has allowed ACG to seamlessly integrate multiple security ecosystems from various affiliates, enabling the business to continue operating smoothly while mitigating potential risk. Because GreyMatter pulls data together from multiple tools across all of ACG’s environments, the ACG security team can get the complete picture directly within the GreyMatter dashboards.

In addition to unique capabilities like data stitching to make sense of security events and bi-directional integration to understand and remediate threats, the GreyMatter security operations platform has enabled ACG to increase visibility by 39% across its total environment, and that number continues to improve.

The ACG security team also uses GreyMatter intelligence to filter out any logs that are not security relevant. The GreyMatter platform helped ACG overcome the event overload, too: using automation content filtered out 99.9% of the security events that came through in one quarter. Now, the security team can focus on higher-priority threats to the business.

ACG can seamlessly integrate multiple security ecosystems from various affiliates

ACG has increased visibility by 39% across its total environment

GreyMatter has filtered out 99.9% of ACG's security events


Improving Communication to Increase Their Defense

Utilizing GreyMatter’s Model Index, Gopal delivers board-ready metrics that clearly communicate the state of the organization’s security posture. Using this information, he’s shown that the ACG security organization consistently performs above industry norms in terms of visibility, tool efficacy, and team performance. For example, the ACG security team has shrunk mean time to respond (MTTR) by 62% in the last year. They also use MITRE ATT&CK mapping to show where the organization can invest next to optimally improve its security posture.

Keeping Customers on the Road

ACG’s mission focuses on protecting and advancing the freedom of mobility for consumers and improving traffic safety. The partnership Gopal and his team have forged with ReliaQuest has helped protect business continuity for the organization and its very mobile consumer base.

Today, Gopal and his team use the GreyMatter security operations platform to maximize visibility and minimize risk across multiple affiliates in 14 states.

As ACG moves into the future, facing threats from ransomware, phishing, and data exfiltration, Gopal commented, “I could not be happier to have ReliaQuest as my partner in ACG’s digital journey to the future. I can rest easier knowing that I have visibility across the environment and can quickly detect and respond to threats that crop up.”

When other providers come knocking on his door, Gopal says, “Let’s not waste each other’s time. Everything is working perfectly.”

I could not be happier to have ReliaQuest as my partner in ACG's digital journey to the future. I can rest easier knowing that I have visibility across the environment and can quickly detect and respond to threats that crop up. Gopal Padinjaruveetil Chief Information Security Officer, Auto Club Group
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99.99% reduction in alert noise
39% increase in visibility
62% faster MTTR
83% increase in MITRE coverage

Security Operations Made Possible with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk across your existing tools with comprehensive protection unified under a single security operations platform.

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