U.S. patent recognizes the ReliaQuest Universal Translator for its unique ability to ingest and normalize security-relevant data and derive security insights from across the enterprise, including cloud platforms, business apps and anywhere malicious activity may occur

TAMPA, Fla. – June 8, 2021 – ReliaQuest, the leader in Open XDR-as-a-Service, has been granted a patent recognizing innovative capabilities within its proprietary Universal Translator, an integration engine powering the company’s cloud-native GreyMatter Open XDR platform. The patent acknowledges the Universal Translator’s unique ability to query, aggregate and normalize disparate data types across various sources, without increasing storage requirements, costs or creating massive data lakes which adds additional burden to an organization.

For organizations that have deployed GreyMatter, the Universal Translator enables security teams to unify visibility into their diverse technology ecosystems, providing a comprehensive view into their threat posture and better oversight of their operating environment. Unique to GreyMatter, the Universal Translator goes beyond ingesting data from just a limited set of security controls and provides visibility into business applications and cloud environments enabling more comprehensive threat detection with deeper context, analysis and automation. The approach is analogous to normalizing multiple languages into a universal language that everyone in the world can read, understand and respond to in conversation.

“Our Universal Translator is an essential element in enhancing visibility and comprehensive coverage to build a more effective security program that uses all security related data and can detect the weak signals of an attack before there’s an impact to the organization,” said Brian Murphy, CEO, ReliaQuest. “The patent reflects the unique approach and hard work by our teams to find technology solutions to deliver better security outcomes for our customers. This is just the beginning, through the Universal Translator, we’re expanding our roster of diverse integrations, ensuring security runs seamlessly, efficiently, and with the highest level of flexibility and accuracy across every organization.”

“With GreyMatter, we’ve gained a comprehensive and accurate view of what’s happening in our threat environment, allowing us to take the proper action at an accelerated pace,” said Robert Vazquez, CISO, Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC). “ReliaQuest’s vendor-agnostic Open XDR approach also helps us ensure we’re maximizing the capabilities of our existing toolset by centralizing and normalizing our data, ultimately enabling my team to manage risk more efficiently and effectively.”

Expanding Partner Ecosystem and New Integrations

The Universal Translator, along with an open API model, has enabled ReliaQuest to integrate its GreyMatter cloud-native platform with more than 60 market-leading technologies spanning SIEM, EDR, anti-virus, firewall and cloud platform providers. In addition to current integrations with brands like Palo Alto Networks, SentinelOne, Microsoft, CrowdStrike and VMware Carbon Black, ReliaQuest has added new partners to its ecosystem, allowing customers to achieve a single, complete view of threats across various technologies to bolster detection, investigation and response capabilities. These new partner additions include expanded integrations with AWS, Azure, GCP, Zscaler, Juniper, Demisto, Proofpoint, Dark Trace, Tenable, Rapid7, Cisco, Splunk Phantom, Fortinet Fortigate, ExtraHop Reveal(x) and Obsidian Security.

“ReliaQuest’s Universal Translator™ within the GreyMatter platform is the magic that brings together disparate security relevant datasets, which enables Protiviti to be able to manage detection and response in a more efficient way, providing tremendous value to our joint customers,” said Terry Jost, Managing Director, Global Security and Privacy, Protiviti. “Connecting multiple security and cloud application platforms via GreyMatter allows for better, faster automated response for our customers, as well.”

According to a recent report from Enterprise Strategy Group titled, “The Case for Open XDR,” 36% of organizations said that integrating disparate security analytics and operations tools was one of their highest priorities, while another 48% were somewhat active in a project to integrate disparate security analytics and operations tools.

“Today’s security teams are inundated with an abundance of tools, alerts and data, often causing important security events to be ignored. Through ReliaQuest’s novel approach to Open XDR, security is simplified and streamlined, with data from all existing toolsets integrated into one, user-friendly view, allowing teams to take action,” said Jon Oltsik, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “As incidents like the SolarWinds attack proved, security teams need to get better and faster at identifying and responding to threats. Open XDR is the key to achieving such outcomes.”

For more information on ReliaQuest GreyMatter, please visit our website or view our integrations page for a full list of our partnerships.

About ReliaQuest

ReliaQuest, a global leader in Open XDR-as-a-Service, is known for being the force multiplier for security operations teams. ReliaQuest GreyMatter is a cloud-native Open XDR security platform that brings together telemetry from any security and business solution, whether on-premises, or in one or multiple clouds, to unify detection, investigation, response and resilience. ReliaQuest combines the power of technology and 24/7/365 security expertise to give organizations the visibility and coverage they require to make cybersecurity program more effective.

Hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations trust ReliaQuest GreyMatter to operationalize security investments, ensuring teams focus on the right problems while closing visibility and capability gaps to proactively manage risk and accelerate initiatives for the business. ReliaQuest is a private company headquartered in Tampa, Fla., with multiple global locations. For more information, visit www.reliaquest.com.


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