TAMPA, Fla. – March 27, 2024 – ReliaQuest, a force multiplier of security operations, today announced new features to its GreyMatter Mobile App following rapid adoption, which has provided significant benefits to hundreds of enterprise security teams. 

Since its launch a year ago, the most engaged mobile app users have reduced their mean time to resolve security incidents by over 40 percent, simply through the ability to view, acknowledge, and close security alerts in real-time and from any device. Now, with the additional capabilities, users will be able to initiate a fully automated response to a threat, such as a phishing attempt, using the GreyMatter Mobile App.   

This first-of-its-kind feature leverages AI and automation to make intelligent recommendations that can be initiated across multiple security tools at the click of a button. This means it is even easier to remediate threats quickly and with minimal disruption to the life of the security professional. 

Several other improvements are available today, including the ability to assign incidents to colleagues or the ReliaQuest Technical Operations team. Tagging colleagues in relation to these incidents makes it easier to grab their attention and can bring the full force of security teams to an incident in seconds. 

Criminals frequently target organizations when they know staff will be out of the office, such as holidays and weekends. The GreyMatter Mobile App reduces any advantage that criminals have from this approach, with the new features expected to decrease response time even further. 

“Unfortunately, criminals often choose to target organizations when they know security staff are out of the office,” said Brian Foster, ReliaQuest President of Product and Technical Operations. “Given today’s threats, waiting until Monday morning to remediate isn’t an option. Neither is it reasonable to expect security leaders to live attached to their laptops. The GreyMatter Mobile App gives security practitioners back their quality of life, while enhancing their ability to detect, investigate and respond to security threats anytime and anywhere. The enhancements announced today are the direct result of feedback from our customers and will have a significant impact, especially as threats become faster and more complex with AI and automation.”  

“This app has been a game-changer,” said Ajay Rutledge, a security analyst at eMed Digital Healthcare. “There’s always something happening in cybersecurity, and this app has given me so much of my time back. Just the other night I was at a Miami Heat game, and an alert came in, and I was able to jump on it, send some notes to my team, close it and move on. This is exactly where the industry should be heading, given the threat climate and the way people work these days. It’s a huge benefit.” 

“When the GreyMatter app was introduced last year, one of the first features we asked for was the ability to run playbooks from the app. To now have that capability is super useful,” said James Lowry, Information Security Manager at Signature Aviation. “All of us have lives. Whether you’re at your kid’s game or just away from your computer, to be able to get real-world data and run a play from the palm of your hand has been great. Very few security technologies have taken this step, which has now become part of our checklist when evaluating tools.” 

The ReliaQuest GreyMatter Mobile App is available to all GreyMatter customers and is supported on both iOS and Android devices.  For more information about the ReliaQuest GreyMatter Mobile App, please visit www.reliaquest.com/mobile.     

About ReliaQuest 

ReliaQuest is the force multiplier of security operations. Our security operations platform, GreyMatter, automates detection, investigation and response across cloud, endpoint, and on-premise tools and applications. GreyMatter is cloud native, built on an open XDR architecture and delivered as a service any time of the day, anywhere in the world. With over 800 customers worldwide and 1,200+ teammates working across six global operating centers, ReliaQuest is driving outcomes for the most trusted enterprise brands in the world. We exist to make security possible. For more information visit www.reliaquest.com.