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Operationalize Security Investments to Focus Teams on the Right Problems

ReliaQuest GreyMatter makes your security investments work harder.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence That is Relevant to Your Specific Environment.

GreyMatter contextualizes ReliaQuest threat research, collective customer intelligence, and over 40 open source, government, and commercial feeds to create a comprehensive, actionable view of existing and emerging threats. Threat intelligence is automatically prioritized and optimized for your environment in a consumable format for your existing security controls. Drive faster threat detection, investigation and response with greater coverage across your SIEM, EDR, cloud, business and third-party applications.

Faster Threat Detection Using Curated Content for Your Environment.

Increase the visibility and effectiveness of your existing security tools with continual and consistent building and integration of 600+ threat detection rules and data parsing capabilities for your enterprise.

See business risk in real time, where gaps exist, mapped to standard security frameworks, across any deployment—on-premises, cloud, or hybrid—to reduce the chances of an attacker gaining any access to your most critical assets.

Alert-based, Cross-platform Data Collection to Speed Investigations With All Relevant Research and Data in One Consistent View.

Drive faster, comprehensive incident response focused on high-priority alerts. Tuned detections trigger GreyMatter automation plays to auto-query related technologies, de-dupe, enrich with data from all integrated technologies, intel, and historical information, ultimately creating a high-fidelity research package. The research package provides the analyst with all of the information they need from a single view—no running multiple queries across multiple tools from multiple interfaces—so they can start the investigation at the investigation stage, not the data gathering stage. 50% of what we used to think of as the investigative process is done before an analyst even clicks a button. That’s the power of the GreyMatter cloud-native Open XDR platform—unified data collection and enrichment to respond to threats at machine speed.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks and Decisions to Speed Incident Response.

Playbook implementation is streamlined through our orchestration engine to deliver tailored actions with certified integrations into your security sources like SIEM, EDR, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, business and third-party apps. To focus your teams on business alignment versus tools integration, GreyMatter delivers personalized playbooks tuned to your environment, with certified integrations and continued validation plus a detailed record for every executed playbook so you can concentrate on higher-level decision making when responding to critical threats.

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Machine Learning- Driven Hunting Campaigns for Threat Indicators Concealed in Your Data.

Aggregate and normalize your data from disparate tools, so you can run focused hunt campaigns that are strategic and iterative. Use ReliaQuest GreyMatter to analyze indicators of compromise retrospectively or perform behavior assessments to visualize abnormal from normal activity. Pre-built threat hunting packages automatically gather and analyze data without performance impact while proactively finding threats.

Continuous, Integrated Attack Simulations for Superior Detection and Response.

Use GreyMatter’s library of simulations to quickly build campaigns that are fully integrated with alert sources, then view the results from the perspective of both attacker and defender. GreyMatter Intelligent Analysis automates the alert investigation process and lifecycle so you can get answers on how to mitigate alerts faster. The GreyMatter platform enables cyber assurance across disparate environments and provides continuous, actionable results.

Real-time Health Monitoring of Your SIEM and EDR.

Monitor how well your SIEM and EDR are performing in real-time without impacting your security infrastructure performance. Optimize SIEM and EDR performance and integration with cross-platform expertise. Take advantage of SIEM and EDR update certification before enhancements are applied into production environments.

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