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Tag: Financial Services

Can cryptocurrency be used to bypass the impact of sanctions being applied against Russia?

In an interview on 28 Feb 2022, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized several cryptocurrency exchanges that had decided against blanket bans for Russian users from their platforms. The decision against the bans on Russian users coincided with significant sanctions being applied against Russia following their invasion into Ukraine. Senator Clinton reiterated a common sentiment […]

Financial services security tools: How many is too many?

Financial services’ tool addiction is doing more to harm than help Financial services have always been on the frontline of cybersecurity. On one hand, hackers of the highest level are constantly trying to infiltrate financial services to get access to funds, privileged information, and intellectual property. On the other, regulators watch these institutions closely to […]

Latin American Financial Services: Sunny Climes and Cybercrimes

Few things make my eyes sparkle like talking about Latin America. Back in 2018, I had the privilege of being able to travel and hitchhike there for more than three months and discover its beautiful lands and people. Ever since, I’ve been dreaming about going back to enjoy breathtaking views and the best empanadas of […]

Threats to Asset and Wealth Management in 2020-2021

Note: Our findings in this blog stem from analysis of all Q4 2020 cyber threat activity by our in-house research team Photon using open and restricted access resources including Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest)’ Dark Web Spider. You can subscribe to our weekly threat intelligence newsletter here. In recent years, financially-motivated cyber criminals have been increasingly […]

ShadowTalk Update – 11.05.2018

In November 2016, Tesco Bank suffered a series of fraud attacks that allowed cybercriminals to check out with £2.26m (roughly $3 million) in customer funds. Two years on, Dr Richard Gold and Simon Hall join Rafael Amado to discuss the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) investigation into the attacks, which resulted in a fine of […]

ShadowTalk Update – 10.15.2018

In ShadowTalk this week, Digital Shadows (now ReliaQuest)’ CISO Rick Holland, Richard Gold and Simon Hall join Rafael Amado to discuss the Hidden Cobra FASTCash ATM campaign. The team also look over the Five Eyes joint report into publicly available hacking tools, and debate whether companies who use MSPs are at greater risk of attack.   […]

ShadowTalk Update – 09.17.2018

In this week’s ShadowTalk, Richard Gold and Simon Hall join Michael Marriott to discuss the latest spate of attacks by the threat actor known as Magecart. We dig into the history of Magecart, different approaches to web skimming, and provide advice on how organizations can best protect against this threat. Fallout exploit kit identified distributing […]

GAO’s Equifax Post-mortem Report

It’s common for the exciting and novel issues that confront security professionals on a daily basis to be hyped up. Very often the reporting and discussion focuses on 0day exploits, nation state actors, sophisticated intrusions and theoretical attack classes. The reality, however, is much more mundane. This point is driven home by the GAO (General […]

Five Threats to Financial Services: Part Five, Hacktivism

OK, so it’s not a sexy as insider threats, banking trojans, phishing campaigns or payment card fraud, but hacktivism is still a threat that organizations should be concerned with. In this final post on threats to financial services, we’ll outline recent developments in the hacktivist world and focus on the threat posed by one campaign […]