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Security Practitioner’s Guide to Email Spoofing and Risk Reduction

In our previous extended blog, Tackling Phishing: The Most Popular Phishing Techniques and What You Can Do About It, we covered a range of the different techniques attackers (whether sophisticated nation state or low-level hacker) choose when performing their phishing campaigns. One of the most prevalent was email spoofing. In this blog we’ll explain email […]

Four New Year Cyber Security Resolutions

Another year is upon us in the world of cyber-security, and few things are certain. Commentators are always prone to hyperbole: I remember in late 2017 reading claims that, “2017 was the year cyber nukes were dropped in the ocean, in 2018 they will hit land”. While, thankfully, nothing equating to a cyber nuke surfaced […]

Sextortion 2.0: A New Lure

Back in September we released a blog about the large volume of sextortion email campaigns that were hitting people’s inboxes. We have continued to monitor the campaigns and have seen a recent change in tactics, with some unusual approaches being favoured by the sextortionists this time around.   Cisco ASA vulnerability lure – too long; didn’t […]