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Security Operations Solutions for Every Team.

The right data from the right systems at the right time to make the right decision and take decisive action.

When Security is Covered, You Can Help Your Business Adapt and Evolve.

No security operations teams are the same. Different priorities, different tech stacks, different sizes, skillsets and locations. But we know some things are the same. Security leaders and practitioners need more visibility, more controls, more coverage, more time and more impact for the business. 

At ReliaQuest, we believe services or technology alone won’t get you the “more” you need. That’s why we help customers to optimize security operations with a blend of people, process and technology.

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By the SOC for the SOC

Phishing? Ransomware? Credential stuffing? Vishing? We know the risks. But did anyone see Solorigate coming? You can’t stop these emerging attacks, but you can be ready when they happen. And part of being ready is being agile. Using automation to take care of the mundane the repetitive, the false positives, the duplicates, the tool pivoting and data collection, the banning of hashes. We think of it as ‘more mind’, ‘less time’. We took all these requirements from our own security operations center and built ReliaQuest GreyMatter to address these problems.

And now we’re making the platform available to you–for unified threat detection, investigation and response. Wrapped with 24×7 security expertise plus advice and documentation around process and workflow best practices, to give your team the people, process and technology support you need to achieve your outcomes. As one of our hockey-fan analysts put it, we do the grinding in the corners so the home team can score the goals.

It Doesn’t Matter Where Your Data Lives

What sets ReliaQuest GreyMatter apart from your SIEM, EDR, SOAR or emerging XDR platforms? Your data can reside anywhere–and stay there. We are looking up contextual data as part of an investigation, hunt or attack simulation. No ingress or egress. Just fast collection of the data you need to make fast, informed decisions and take action. Why did we architect it that way? Because increasingly our customers have multi-cloud workloads, multi-SIEM deployments, either across clouds or across business units. Testing new technologies, merging and acquiring companies–but they still need visibility for faster threat detection and response. The ReliaQuest GreyMatter approach gives them the visibility, scalability protection and response capabilities they need, delivered via SaaS and without mapping out data pipelines or data residency concerns as it relates to security investigations. 

Focus Your Teams to Make Fast Decisions

By unifying your  security operations tools, delivering the context you need–from threat intelligence, detection content and contextual information from across your environment–your teams have what they need to make those fast decisions, take fast action and focus on building resilience into your practices. Because even though you can’t predict the next SolarWinds breach or HAFNIUM/ Exchange Zero-Day, you can be ready when it happens to deploy threat hunts based on IOCs, get the hunting results, deploy the fixes and get back to supporting the business.

We Help You Operationalize Security.

Some of our customers need help migrating from legacy security information and event management tools (SIEMs) to next-generation or cloud SIEMs. Some of our customers need threat intelligence and better threat detection content mapped to MITRE ATT&CK and key use cases deployed and maintained in their SIEM. Some customers need help with investigation processes, handoffs and operating procedures. Some are deploying SOAR and need help articulating use cases and defining workflows. And some are looking to build threat hunting programs or breach and attack simulation capabilities. ReliaQuest has partnered with more than 250 customers across the last ten years meeting them where they are to achieve consistent  outcomes and mature their security operations. 

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