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2021 Europe Cybersecurity Complexity Study

Today’s cybersecurity attacks show that adversaries are not only stealthy, persistent and patient, but they also are taking advantage of our complexity leaving dangerous gaps in detection and response.  How can one reduce this complexity? This study includes over 200 responses from EU & UK organisations to reveal how they are tackling security complexity and provides expert analysis on how to increase visibility and tap into new resources to detect, investigate and respond to attacks.

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EMEA Research Report Survey Results
Key findings include

2021 Europe Cybersecurity Complexity Study

The survey highlights that 51% say their detection, investigation and response capabilities are inhibited by the sophistication of adversaries and attacks – “they evolve faster than we can adapt.” By knowing the techniques used by ransomware, it is possible to implement controls and detections to prevent ransomware infections, or at least limit its spread in the organisation.