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The Auto Club Group

The Auto Club Group force multiplies security operations through partnership with ReliaQuest.


As the second largest (and fastest growing) AAA club in North America, the Auto Club Group (ACG) has earned the trust of over 14 million members and 10,200+ employees by upholding their commitment to “always doing what’s right.”

ACG further demonstrates that commitment by partnering with ReliaQuest. For the past 5+ years, ReliaQuest has played a significant role in helping ACG mature its first formal cybersecurity program, spearheaded by the club’s Chief Information Security Officer, Gopal Padinjaruveetil.

“ReliaQuest is a critical ally in protecting our assets from cyber criminals,” Padinjaruveetil said. “We are perfectly aligned in how we think about detection and respond to cybersecurity threats. This in turn enables my team to deliver an optimal, secure, and trusted experience for AAA members as they embark on life’s journey.”

The Challenges

  • Cloud
    Digital transformation projects like cloud adoption, SIEM migration, and more
  • Alert
    Overwhelming alert noise
  • Government
    Maintaining compliance with governmental regulations

The Solution

For the past 5+ years, ReliaQuest has played a significant role in helping ACG to mature its cybersecurity program, which Padinjaruveetil has been spearheading since becoming the organization’s first formal CISO in 2017. He describes the impact of partnering with the security company by saying, “We have a perfect alignment in how ACG and ReliaQuest think about detection and response to cybersecurity threats.”

As the Auto Club Group continues to grow by acquisition, the teams have worked closely together to increase visibility and minimize risk across Auto Club Group affiliates. By partnering to understand ACG’s priorities for digital transformation—including projects like cloud adoption, SIEM migration and application development for new service offerings, ReliaQuest can recommend and continuously deploy updated detection content to protect ACG and its customers. Because of this leadership, AAA leaders regularly approach ACG for cybersecurity guidance.

Gopal Padinjaruveetil

"ReliaQuest is a great partner to ACG. Like all journeys in real life, the journey becomes a delight if you have the right partner with you: someone who shares a common purpose. I could not be happier to have ReliaQuest as my partner in ACG's digital journey to the future."

— Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO

The Outcomes

As the Auto Club Group’s threat landscape continues to evolve, Padinjaruveetil stresses the importance of ACG’s synergistic partnership with ReliaQuest. Working closely together, ACG and ReliaQuest can rapidly meet and thwart any potential attack through the combination of technology for integration and automation (driven by ReliaQuest GreyMatter cloud-native Open XDR platform) with the knowledge and experience of human threat analysts and security engineers (thanks to ReliaQuest’s 24/7/365 security experts).

As Padinjaruveetil notes, organizations tend to focus more on technology than human intelligence to solve cybersecurity attacks, while bad actors are constantly thinking of new ways in which to misuse and abuse the systems built by businesses. He believes that fusion of technology and human expertise is what sets ReliaQuest’s offering apart.

The Auto Club Group makes security possible with ReliaQuest.

The Results:


Board-ready security metrics and industry benchmarking


Security tool integration and extension


Reduction of alerts and false positives through automation