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The Ultimate Threat Hunting Technology.

Hunting and Gathering: Before you can hunt for threats you need to gather the right data at the right time.

Find the Threats in Your System and Eradicate Them.

There is one inescapable truth at the foundation of threat hunting: Your environment will eventually be compromised. Security measures will inevitably be breached, and adversaries  will find their way into your network. The critical factor is that your team is ready, with the right data at the analysts fingertips and the ability to respond to identified threats quickly. ReliaQuest GreyMatter delivers automated threat hunting  that combs through your network and identifies problems hidden in your network and brings them to light for analysts, keeping your environment secure and helping security leaders sleep at night.

Search and Destroy.

One example of threat hunting is the ability to thoroughly search your environment for known indicators of compromise (IOCs), not only in recent data, but also retroactive hunts that look back 90 days. ReliaQuest’s threat intelligence data consists of an ever-expanding collection of customer intelligence and more than 40 open source, government, and commercial feeds of existing and emerging threats. GreyMatter is not limited to just hunting known IoCs, but can look across multiple security tools, multiple environments including common cloud platforms to identify anomalies using machine learning and other advanced techniques.

Learning on the Job.

GreyMatter’s approach to threat hunting involves a sophisticated machine learning capability that allows the system to optimize search protocols while on the prowl. This means you get more thorough protection that’s streamlined for your security needs in particular. The ever evolving nature means adaptability to threats as they arise in the ecosystem. 

A Security Debriefing in Metrics.

As GreyMatter hunts down and eliminates threats, you’ll be provided with diagnostics that will help identify problem areas in your security posture. Knowing your environment’s weak spots across networks, cloud providers, and SaaS applications will allow you to reduce risk and prevent future breaches from even the most advanced adversaries.

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