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Tackling Security in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments with Confidence

With the changing face of business demands, attack surfaces, and technology innovations, cloud computing has firmly entrenched itself as the face of digital transformation in the cybersecurity industry. As organizations mature and devise strategies to adopt and migrate to the cloud, data protection, governance and customer privacy requirements among others are dictating environments that are more than homogenous but hybrid and multi-cloud. While the cloud has many benefits, there’s also hurdles to overcome to increase cloud visibility, detect common cloud attack types and different platforms to understand. Cloud adoption is more of a journey with various stages and it is important that security is baked in considering the various nuances to help detect and prevent misconfigurations and other security threats. In this session, you’ll walk away with:

You’ll walk away with:

  • An overview of cloud trends and typical attack paths that you need to consider while adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies
  • Best practices to increase visibility across data that spans multiple cloud platforms (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP) to reduce risk
  • Examples of how unifying existing on premise and multi-cloud technologies enables faster threat detection and response
Tackling Security with Confidence