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Don't Lose Sleep Over the Threat of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware detection is critical to stopping its spread within an environment.

Take the Right Steps With the Right Tools to Alleviate Risk.

Ransomware attacks have proven to be highly profitable for organized cybercrime. As their extortions have been increasingly successful, ransomware gangs are growing bolder and investing more resources in their efforts.  

They’re diversifying, too, expanding their crosshairs from just business organizations and targeting such industries as healthcare, education, and energy.

Detecting and Responding to Ransomware.

Ransomware detection is critical to stopping its spread within an environment. Ensuring that your EDR tooling and threat intelligence capabilities are in sync and up to date will go a long way toward lessening the potential impact of ransomware.  

If you detect ransomware, quickly isolate your affected systems, block compromised user accounts, and disrupt the command-and-control channels to prevent irreversible damage.

Finding the Root Cause of Ransomware.

Detecting ransomware is just half the battle; it’s after your tools have identified ransomware on your network that the real work begins. While EDR tools may be able to block and alert that ransomware has hit a system, you still need to identify the root cause of the infection to make sure it doesn’t happen again.   

To find the root, answer these questions:  

  • How did the attacker gain access to the network?  
  • Was it a phishing attack or did they compromise valid credentials?  

Finding the answers to these questions means looking beyond just your endpoint data—you need to pivot into your firewall and network data, your SIEM or other security tools directly to identify how the attacker circumvented your controls. 

Calculating the Business Impact of Ransomware Attacks.

Besides root cause, you need to determine the full impact of the compromise.  To calculate business risk, answer these questions: 

  • Did the ransomware actually fire?  
  • Were any files touched or encrypted?  
  • If files were encrypted, do you have backups?  
  • Was data also exfiltrated?  

These are all questions your business and legal departments will demand of security teams when a ransomware incident occurs. 

Ransomware Protection and Tools.

There are a lot of ransomware tools out there, but only the ReliaQuest GreyMatter platform is an all-in-one tool that provides the visibility, detection, threat intelligence, and response capabilities required to respond to these modern threats.

Single Pane of Glass.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter is a platform delivering Open XDR to provide visibility and control across security tools and data sources, allowing teams to detect malware faster, respond quicker, and identify the root cause and impact of an incident all through one platform.

Powerful Analytics.

GreyMatter also has valuable reporting tools to help you run post-mortems of incidents, enabling you to improve detection and mitigation capabilities across your environment to continuously improve your security posture.

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