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Don’t Take the Bait!

Automate anti-phishing tasks, freeing up your teams for more critical tasks.

Minimize the Threat of Phishing Attacks.

Phishing attacks are probably the most common threats to your business. A very popular method to steal employee credentials, phishing has not only grown in number but in sophistication as well. It is estimated that phishing increased by 42% in 2020, over 2019 and continues to grow on a daily basis. While a trained eye can usually spot a phishing attempt and discard it immediately, even the most security savvy employee can fall prey to a highly targeted and sophisticated phishing email. How quickly your overall security program responds to the click of a link in order contain the damage is what will determine whether it’s just another security incident, or a data breach.

Something Seems Phishy.

Training your employees to recognize phishing attempts is an effective defense. There are several indicators that an email or text message is less than legit, such as an unusual sender, strange misspellings, hyperlinks/attachments, and an offer that’s too good to be true. For instance, the CEO of “netflicks” is not going to email you with a million dollar prize notification.

Training Day.

ReliaQuest’s unified SaaS security platform, GreyMatter, is able to run breach and attack simulations on endpoints. Through analysis of the results, you’ll be able to identify your organization’s security weak spots and address them through preventative measures, ensuring your environment is secure even if an employee detonates malware via a real phishing attack.

Automate Your Defenses.

GreyMatter is able to automate many anti-phishing tasks, freeing up your personnel to focus on more critical tasks. Through our integrations with best of breed email security tools, examining email accounts, URLs, and gathering intelligence to prevent phishing attacks can all be automated through GreyMatter’s platform. It’s just another way that our security platform saves your organization time and increases your overall security posture.