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ReliaQuest Leadership Academy

We are committed in our belief to promote from within through continuous innovation and improvement.


You have been selected to participate in the ReliaQuest Leadership Academy (RQLA) 2022. These sessions will be led primarily by leaders across the organization.

RQLA is a 3-month in-person program, requiring your attendance and complete focus three days each month. In addition to the in-person leadership enablement, each RQLA participant will be required to complete assigned pre-work and homework activities that have been selected to enhance the development experience of RQLA.

Note: You must be able to attend all three days of each month. Arriving late or leaving early is not acceptable for the RQLA sessions. If travelling please plan to arrive the Sunday prior to session.

*RQLA participants are responsible for booking their travel and hotel. It is required that all participants arrive one day prior to each session and plan to stay through 8pm on day #3.

RQLA Calendar

The dates, times, and locations for the 3 sessions are outlined below:

Month 1

Date: May 24-26

Time: 8:30am-5pm

Location: Tampa

Month 2

Date: June 13-15

Time: 8:30am-5pm

Location: Tampa

Month 3

Date: August 1-3

Time: 8:30am-5pm

Location: Tampa

RQLA Program

The RQLA program is designed to continue your development by giving you tools and resources to make a broader impact on ReliaQuest through the application of our core values to directly impact the outcomes and scoreboard of ReliaQuest. As a part of this program, we will focus on:


1. Providing greater self-awareness through Discovery Insights sessions, Mindset training with DMac, situational leadership case studies, team building events, and more.

This process and approach will reinforce the ReliaQuest mindset and value-based decision-making best practices, giving you different ways to apply what you learn to a broader group at ReliaQuest.


2. Recognizing the role and impact of key areas within the company, facilitated by the executive leaders and key team members of those teams.

The goal is to provide you with a better understanding of how the company works, what we measure, where we excel, and to gain a deeper appreciation for the different capabilities across ReliaQuest. This process will allow you to return to your teams understanding the “why” behind a lot of the things that happen at ReliaQuest giving you tools to help your current teams understand and communicate better inside ReliaQuest.


3. Building long lasting professional relationships with the participants in your class. Each class is a blend of all functional areas at ReliaQuest.

You will get to know key members of teams and will be able to use each other as resources during and long after RQLA ends, making you as an individual, and ReliaQuest as a company, more agile and adaptable. You will also become an alumnus of a larger group of RQLA graduates providing ongoing support across the organization by aiding in communication, planning, and special projects.


4. Engaging directly with Brian Murphy, and other ReliaQuest leaders in multiple group settings to understand the successful formula that is ReliaQuest – how it was created, how it ensures our future through rapid growth, and what your responsibility is, as RQLA graduate, to support and develop the company using that formula.