ReliaQuest University

Employee training & development

Far beyond “on­-the-­job training,” ReliaQuest University (RQU) is dedicated to developing the most elite security professionals in the industry. Our comprehensive employee training and growth programs create razor­-sharp teams, which translate to big impact for our clients. Talk about a win­-win.

Hiring and Training go Hand-in-Hand

We believe that you can’t talk about hiring without talking about training. RQU works to create a well rounded team across all functional areas so regardless of your role, you will go through extensive training around professional, procedural, and technical topics to enable open lines of communications throughout the company.

Inside and Outside of the Classroom

RQU utilizes an automated learning management system that facilitates computer­-based, instructor-led, and virtual training environments. We’ve ditched the idea of “one size fits all”, so everyone can excel, regardless of how they prefer to learn.

Not Just for
New Hires

Learning doesn’t stop after the one­-year mark. Want to learn more about forensics or incident response? RQU is there to support you from the basics through advanced simulation training. We’re constantly adding new goals to our bucket lists and developing the curriculum to reach them.

Promoting from
within is Our Priority

The RQ Leadership Academy takes development a step further by recognizing achievements and offering promotion opportunities to worthy employees.