RQ Aware

Actionable threat intelligence

Our threat intelligence engine aggregates multiple sources of threat intelligence and integrates it directly into your SIEM environments and other security solutions. This powerful source of information lets you proactively prepare and enhance your defenses, while increasing visibility into incidents.

Operationalize Any Threat Intelligence Feed

Threat feeds aren’t a new concept, but it has historically been difficult to import multiple feeds of information, clean or de-duplicate the data and convert it to the format needed. By preprocessing the data, RQ Aware provides you with a single feed of aggregated threat information with all relevant dashboards, reporting and alerts.

How It Works


RQ Aware aggregates multiple sources of threat intelligence including known IOC lists, social network intelligence gathering, global honeypot data and customized honeypots for your environment.


Honeypots are deployed around the globe gathering malicious traffic including source/destination IP addresses and URLs along with binary files such as rootkits, malware, web shells and remote access Trojans (RATs).


In addition to deployed honeypots, RQ Aware utilizes a variety of Open Source feeds and our proprietary threat indicators to further integrate threat intelligence into the solution. 

04Continuous Enhancement

RQ Aware then de-duplicates the data and further enhances it with aging and category information. The information is imported into your SIEM or security environment in the form of actionable content.

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