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Stay Ahead of the
Retail and Hospitality
Threat Landscape

ReliaQuest tracks the most pressing threats on the web. Through monitoring dark web forums, performing threat hunts for our customers, and analyzing cybersecurity trends, we produce threat research for organizations hoping to protect itself from cyber threats.

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Relevant Threat Research for
Any Retail or Hospitality Organization

Research Report

The ReliaQuest Annual
Cyber-Threat Report

ReliaQuest Threat Research team spent the last year monitoring cyber-threat trends and tactics targeting organizations from various industries. In this report, we share their findings, including:

  • The tactics, techniques, and procedures attackers used most in 2023
  • How quickly organizations across industries are responding to incidents
  • The critical steps organizations can take to defend against evolving threats
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Retail Report

Cyber-Threat Report: Retail and Hospitality

Take a deeper look at industry-specific threat trends. This report delves into key metrics, the activities of pertinent threat groups, and the steps retail organizations can take to protect themselves against these threats. 

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The ShadowTalk Podcast

ShadowTalk is a weekly threat intelligence podcast covering the latest in cybersecurity. Our hosts come from threat intelligence, threat hunting, security research, and leadership background to provide practical perspectives on the week’s top cybersecurity stories. 

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Get a live demo of our security operations platform, GreyMatter, and learn how you can improve visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk in your organization.

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