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Solution Brief

ReliaQuest Verify Solution Brief

Assure Cyber Readiness with Continuous Attack Simulations

Verify, the automated breach and attack simulation capability in GreyMatter, ushers in the era of security preparedness with fully packaged and field-tested scenarios that operators can run, on-demand or continuously, and get results immediately. Frequent updates to attack scenarios based on latest threat intelligence help identify risk areas and help teams be better prepared for specific attacks.

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Verify Solution Brief

In this solution brief you will learn

Breach and attack simulations are the primary way to test whether your security controls are effective. Common attack simulations include tabletop exercises, red teaming, or white-hat penetration tests.

  • How to identify security gaps.
  • How ReliaQuest GreyMatter Verify works.
  • How to continuously validate security model effectiveness.

Security Operations Made Possible with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk across your existing tools with comprehensive protection unified under a single security operations platform.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard