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Overcoming Adversity with Lia Coryell - World Champion Archer

Lia Coryell is a proud American and Army veteran. She holds the titles of World Champion, 2x Team USA Paralympian, National Champion in both indoor and outdoor, Continental Champion, and Pan American Champion in the W1 Para Archery Class. Lia is the first and only competitive female in the United States in the W1 class due to Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition to hearing her story, listeners will learn about:

  • Building resilience through rebellion
  • Choosing to be part of the solution
  • How to make the world better by not accepting the status quo

Lia’s story is captivating and filled with wisdom that can be applied to anyone when going through adversity. She has made American and World history by challenging stereotypes and defying limited expectations.

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