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SOC Talk: Integrating Threat Intelligence for Higher-Fidelity Detection and Response

Webinar Overview

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Threat intelligence, if used properly, can not only enrich contextual awareness of cyber risks, but also help detect, prioritize and mitigate these threats quickly.

The key to success is to maximize threat intelligence at the right time throughout your entire incident-response lifecycle. Add in automation, and you have a recipe for more accurate intelligence, fewer false positives, and faster response.

Hear from Chief Information Security Officers from ReliaQuest and Digital Shadows on supporting your protection strategies.

In this session, we’ll dive deep into:

  • Integrating threat intelligence into security programs
  • Automating processes to increase detection rates and speed response times
  • Developing a method for retrospective IOC hunts
  • A practical example of how to incorporate threat intelligence into an account takeover mitigation

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