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The Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your Security Operations

ReliaQuest Greymatter’s Universal Translator™ is vendor-agnostic and delivers real-time visibility across SIEM, EDR, multi-cloud, point solutions and business applications reducing time-to-insights so you can act faster.

ReliaQuest understands this. We have you covered in your current and future architectural state. Greymatter’s Universal Translator TM is vendor-agnostic and delivers continuous data integration across your security technologies and tools by gathering and normalizing data, on-demand, without analyst intervention or creating expensive security data lakes. Ongoing integrations are managed to ensure a one-time setup, saving you time and resources from daily tool management.

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Security Operations Made Possible with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk across your existing tools with comprehensive protection unified under a single security operations platform.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard