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Leveraging Automation to Secure Your Remote Workforce

Automation of threat detection and response is a top priority for most enterprises, but has proven challenging to implement in the best of times. During the past few weeks, the rapid shift to remote workforces has thrown security teams a new curveball. Attacker behaviors have evolved, as has what normal looks like in their environments – requiring security teams to review the current level and types of automation used in their security programs. With the increased number of endpoints, maintaining visibility across your workforce and quickly responding to new risks becomes a big challenge.

In this online panel, Joe Partlow, CTO at ReliaQuest, and Chris McFarland, VP, CISO at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. will discuss:

  • What business risks are introduced by a fully remote workforce and how automation across the cyber life cycle can help
  • Best practices for maintaining visibility and updating automation playbooks when baselines change
  • How to implement end-to-end automation to respond faster across your remote workforce

The panel will be moderated by Jason Pfeiffer, VP of Product Management at ReliaQuest, whose GreyMatter platform increases visibility and automates threat detection and response across SIEM, EDR and multi-cloud environments multi-cloud environments.

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