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The CISO’s Guide to Metrics that Matter to the Board


  • Jeff Pollard

    VP, Principal Analyst


  • Colin O’Connor



Measuring and communicating the effectiveness of security programs is a challenge that enterprise security leaders are all too familiar with. The problem boils down to an inability to show return on existing investments and communicate this value to the business in a language that the board understands. As a result, many security leaders struggle to obtain executive support, are excluded from strategic business decisions, and fail to secure further funding needed to mature their security programs.

In this webinar, hear from Jeff Pollard, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Colin O’Connor, COO at ReliaQuest, on:

  • The top obstacles preventing security leaders from measuring and communicating ROI
  • How to align your security program with the business initiatives, so you’re speaking one common language
  • What metrics you should report on to show ROI, maximize your existing budget, and secure future funding needed to mature your security program

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