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Rethinking Cybersecurity by Managing Complexity

ReliaQuest’s Ashok Sankar on Security Investments, Complexity and Metrics That Matter

Tool sprawl is a symptom, and complexity is cybersecurity’s chronic illness. Ashok Sankar of ReliaQuest shares ways to manage this complexity and help organizations rethink how they deploy and measure their cybersecurity defenses.

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group as part of ISMG’s RSA Conference 2021 coverage, Sankar, vice president of solutions marketing at ReliaQuest, discusses:

  • Insightful research on security technology investments;
  • Managing cybersecurity complexity;
  • Metrics that can help mature cybersecurity practices.

Sankar has over 25 years of expertise across the technology product strategy, management and marketing discipline. He partners with ReliaQuest’s Platform and SOC teams in their mission to help organizations reduce security complexity so they can better manage risk and confidently drive measurable and actionable outcomes. He leads thought leadership and strategic marketing initiatives to drive awareness of ReliaQuest’s unique value propositions consistently across various channels and develop relevant content to foster productive engagements with prospects and customers. Prior to ReliaQuest, he was the director of solutions strategy and marketing focused on public sector and education markets at Splunk.

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